Restauracja Warszawa

The Academy is an unique and romantic cafe in Warsaw, which decorate the vintage modernity. We serve traditional Polish dishes and contemporary European dishes. On ask for, we also put together dishes of vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free of charge.
We praise the taste of the greatest high quality goods and everyday specials boss - Krzysztof Kowalski. In our impression, even the most basic dish deserves the organization is ideal glass of wine.
You surprise, promote the senses, find out and style.
Our staff is a combination of incredibly talented chefs, knowledgeable waiter service, catering experts and najlepsza restauracja Warszawa with no whom the restaurant could not exist. Our chefs cook dinner with enthusiasm and a wonderful enjoy for custom.
Our Chef Polish cuisine emphasizes the European taste and is not afraid of any problems - experimenting, and combines astonishingly discovers unfamiliar.
We want that our cafe was equally sophisticated and everyday. We want to tempt, to seduce, to motivate and intoxicated. And all our staff will do almost everything to make you come to feel greater with us than just very good.
They explain to us that the Academy is the best restaurant in Warsaw.
We invite you to reserve a desk!

As part of the professional catering dishes Academy normally takes you to any area in Warsaw and surrounding places. We supply you with the total assist and advice in the group of little or large events. On our support, you can count on the event of special activities, organization and personal.

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